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Chapter 2.14 Boston (continued)

continued from 2.13 - our traps[1] within the smallest possible dimensions, we took each to the Railroad depot.  Papa had got tickets before for the Providence route.

3.14 - (start of Chapter 3: Boston to New York City) *This section is found on the same letter as 2.14

I cannot justly describe, but never can forget the scene of confusion at the depot. Hundreds of persons hurrying up and down past the cars trying in vain to find a vacant seat and there were we in the midst of this jam. Our baggage all in the baggage cars and we without any hope of getting a seat in the train. We walked past all the cars two or three times looking most imploringly at each well filled window. All were crammed however and if any of the passangers had wished, they could not have made room for us. After nearly an hour of anxiety and fatigue and we had given up all hopes of a place in this train, George came running to us through the mob and said if we flew we might get in time for another car that had been added just then - And off we did fly as if our lives were at stake! Had we been one second later we could not have found room.

As it was we were entirely indebted to a kind hearted South Carolinian... continues on 3.15


[1] things