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Chapter 2.13 Boston (continued)

continued from 2.12 - A picture restorer approached us to look at all his pieces.  Many very old.  Two or three by old masters Salvatore or Claude Lanain.  He not only touches them up and cleanses them, but transfers the painting from the worn out canvas if necessary to new.  I asked a few questions in order to find out how this last was done, but the old gentleman did not see fit to let us into his secret.  He was very kind  however, and invited us to come in any time we wished and look at his work.

This has been an excessively hot day.  Returned home in good time for dinner.  About 100 sat down with us.  Quite interested looking at such a variety of faces.  Some fine, but mostly rather common.  It looks quiet enough as you enter the room to see more than half the chairs tilted over and leaning against the table, especially for ladies.  Those are for steady boarders who have their regular places at the table.  We have an excellent table here – a great variety of dishes.

  Papa and I found turkey, and oyster sauce taste very well together.

Soon after dinner, having got through the business of packing, and placing... continues on 2.14