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Chapter 2.10 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.9- to help digestion, as an old gentleman told me at breakfast this morning.  He said it was made of ground wheat with the finest and coarsest parts taken out (pohen[1] I suppose).  G[raham] bread has a sweet pleasant taste, but rather coarsish.  Eggs are invariably eaten out of glass cups, and never out of the shell – could not get an egg cup if you asked for it.

Walked out again (the rain having ceased), looked at Faneuiel Hall[2].

Brattle Church in the wall of which is still to be seen the ball[3] half embedded

Exchanges of beautiful granite, supported in front with minimal pillars - quite lofty - fine Corinthian capitals - for the centre, “The Eagle” hovering over the whole world - Liberty Cap etc_


[1] Meaning lost.

[2] Hall in Boston since 1742.  Site of freedom speeches leading up to the Revolution, and is today on the Freedom Trail.

[3] This is the remains of a British Cannonball fired during the American Revolution.