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Chapter 2.9 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.8- awfully high in speaking of “This happy land!  This land of freedom! – when every one could & ought to learn the luener.[1]  His arms flew about energetically and he contrived for a short time to work himself up to a “certain pitch” and then he subsided again.  But few females were present, most of them without their bonnets.  Two I observed serving which had a very odd appearance.  Another lady got a gentleman to hold his cane that he might assist her in winding a skein of silk.  They must be most saving folks here with their scraps of time.  After sitting about 10 minutes, our party contended to leave as we could not exactly find out what they intended doing.  Caught in a heavy shower, Eliza went out with Deborah to Roxy in the omnibus and unfortunately took the keys with her.  Papa had to go in the next, ½ hour after for them.  After being set down, got quite puzzled, and returned to a late dinner and much fatigued.  Must manage better tomorrow, and be in the dining room in good time to see the “rush”! -

How fast some of the boarders do swallow their meals!  No wonder they are obliged to eat Graham bread to ... continues on 2.10

[1] Meaning lost.