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Chapter 2.8 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.7 - My uncle Toby looking for the bit of something in Widow Wadman’s pretty eye - most natural too. His expression and attitude – and hers – to the very life! These two last and “Model for an Equestrian Statue of Washington” are by B. Hughes - a Bostonian. These are the only productions of his and the three most natural in the whole collection. Although such a genius he can seldom be prevailed upon to exercise his powers.

There are upwards of 100 subjects in the collection - many good, and some, poor enough. (Tickets 1/3 to visit both painting and sculptures- 2/6 will gain admittance for the whole season) We must certainly visit paintings again when we return from our tour.

Stepped into the old Odeon as Deborah seemed to think something might be going on there worth seeing or hearing - only a committee meeting about some new pieces of sacred music. The subject good no doubt but the coaches, omnibuses and outside etc. such terrible confusion, that the orator at times could not be heard, except when he raised his voice. Continues on 2.9