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Chapter 2.7 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.6 - a collection of the paintings and statuary. Was very much gratified of course “The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds” by (T. Cole of N. York.) “Eberhart Comte de Wintemberg mourning over the body of his son” (by Tchaeffer) “Judith within the Head of Haloferves” -  “St. Cecilia “ -  “The Indian Captives “ (R.W. Weir) “Portrait of Audubon” (by G. Healy) “Flower Piece” “Portrait of Dickens” - “The Independent Beggar” and “The Miser” “Genevieve” “Napoleon Bonaparte in his imperial robes” - These are very fine pieces indeed. There are about 120 pieces in the collection.

One of the most natural pieces is the wreath of flowers composed of roses, tulips and white roses and many others. The velvet and ermine of N.B’s robes - perfect. “Little Girl with a pink bonnet” very pretty. Light admitted by circular sky light in roof.

In the collection of statuary nothing equalled a cast from Venus de Medici. “The statue that enchants the world” - lovely form. “The Apollo” very majestic. “Diana following the chase “, “Cleopatra in marble” Cast of the Laocoon” A great many celebrated ancient and modern busts - very good. From every day life nothing surpasses. “Poor Oliver!” his back against the door, wounded and faint. The whole face, attitude, dress and all even to the older cape beside him are admirable! ... continues on 2.8