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Chapter 2.6 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.5. Indeed I know not how the Bostonians could get on at all without them -[1] .  I soon had to purchase one and carry it about with me as an indispensable article.

Drove through two or three of the finest streets on the way to our hotel which we had scarcely reached when a heavy shower came on with distant thunder. Parted with D. and E. who left for Roxbury promising to be in the city early on Monday.

(Monday).  Eliza and I played beyond measure all night with a Yankee mosquito.

Rose before 6, - breakfast before 7.

The Gong is used for waking the borders and calling them to meals. Its noise would wake the soundest sleeper in the world for it is the most penetrating I have ever heard. Had a good look at it as we passed down to breakfast. They are always imported from China or India.  The metal has a bronze colour and shaped like a large round disk.

After breakfast walked out to see the shops in Washington Street. Called at Fred Graintham’s (stationary). Looks far from well.  Has been quite ill lately. Proceeded with D. E. E. & papa to the Athenaeum[2] to see for the first time... continues on 2.7


[1] The same custom prevails through all the American towns during the warm weather.

[2] a building or room in which books, periodicals, and newspapers are kept for use