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Chapter 2.5 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 2.4 - ...carved Corinthian capitals.

After a long walk of more than two miles all around the Commons and down the other end of the city (for we missed our way), we reached Pearl street rather later and took our dinner by ourselves. The day being very warm and the walk long, I got my first heating!

Elizabeth and George with Deborah and Mr. Collins drove in from Roxbury. D. looks as plump and as happy as you please and as good natured as ever. We all went this afternoon to Grace Church - a handsome granite building with free stone arched interior – but rather unfortunately heard the same minister as in the morning. Preached from Mat 45.29.”For onto everyone that hath Ye”.  Both were more like essays than sermons - Hope we shall have something better next Sunday.

The day excessively warm - Almost every person makes use of a fan, old men and young - girls and boys. It was amusing to see some of the old gents flirting their fan with all their might.