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Chapter 2.4 - Boston (continued)

We were quite disappointed to hear the Bishop was out of town as we had been told he would officiate this morning. Dr. Hale filled his place and preached from Mathew 22.39.   “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. Dr. H. is from New York, not a preacher of the first order I should think.

After services we stepped into Central Church, a congregational place of worship. The appearance of the interior is very fine and soft pews are arranged in a semi-circular form - each one lined with hand sewn drab woolen damask and carpeted as are the aisles with fawn coloured carpet - a small green leaf scattered over it. Each pew looks more like a sofa than a pew - Splendid organ. The sexton showed us a handsome vestry room etc.

The painted circular roof in imitation of panels and the larger centre glass light, stained in rich orange and browns pleased me much.

The front of this building is supported by a row of four or five beautiful granite pillars with finely carved... continues on Chapter 2.5