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Chapter 2.3 - Boston (continued)

We went to Trinity Church an hour before the service commenced, and had a good stroll all around.  It is built of granite, a beautiful building in the Cathedral, or rather, Gothic style.  The interior finished with freestone and finely carved and painted.  *The dove over the chancel is the first stained glass[1] I had ever seen – admired the Desk and Pulpit very much.  Quite deceived at first with some painted cornices and cherubs heads so well had the painter imitated real carving.  We could not be convinced until I had passed the end of my parasol across it.

The organ was most grand – Mrs. Franklin and another lady were the only female singers – their lovely voices were very fine and quite filled the church.  But really to me, who am from plain Nova Scotia, it seemed too much like singing for effect and I could not help thinking how much more suitable it would be did the whole congregation who would sing, raise their voices together in praising the Heavenly Father.


[1]by mistake placed a sketch of the window 24 pages on**