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Chapter 1:  Yarmouth to Boston

            On Friday, the 25th of August 1843, our little party, consisting of my Father, sister Eliza, cousin Elizabeth and uncle George Bond, and myself, left Yarmouth Harbour in the “North American” 158 foot long (Capt’n Chisholm) for Boston.  Passage partly comfortable, notwithstanding the stewardess proved rather cross & lazy.

Miss Hatch who was returning to her home in Boston enlivened us with her chat and for the sake of whiling away the time, we became quite interested to find out who and what a pretty Irish girl was - not yet Yankee enough to succeed.  Two of the steerage passengers came in to talk to her “a bit”

Of the dozen Gentlemen passengers, but few we knew by name.  Mr. Shannon, Mr. James Mitchell, Mr. Chamberlain of Hx[Halifax], and Mr._ a West Indian, I believe.  Quite an aristocrat looking young gentleman – had traveled through much of North America.  Chatted about the Mississippi, Niagara, Canada, the Lakes, New Orleans, and the whole range of American towns.  Montreal one of the finest cities

Had the sea been smoother, and wind fair as when we left, we might have reached our port at 4 o’clock on Saturday - but the wind changing to the westward, and the waves rather too high for comfort - we did not reach Long Wharf in front of State Street until about 2 o’clock on Sunday morning.[1]


[1]  34 hours passage not exceeding 7 miles per hour.  Y[armouth] - B[oston] -  250 mi.