Fund Raising Campaign

The Yarmouth County Museum and Archives is looking to raise $20,000 for the digitization of our newspaper collection and oversized items. 

Part 1 of this project involves the digitization of our newspaper collection. At the end of the project, we will have 144 bound newspaper years (from 1836 to 1960s) scanned and uploaded for public access. Each bound newspaper has on average 200 pages which will result in roughly 28 000 pages scanned by the end of the project. These newspapers are important to the history of our region of Yarmouth County and an indispensable tool for researchers as they hold important vital statistics as well as historical information. Due to age and the frequent use of the newspaper collection, they are becoming more fragile with each passing year and these documents are too significant and important to lose.

Part 2 of this project will involve digitizing our oversized material, this includes, maps, charts, plans, certificates and photographs. In total we would digitize roughly 500-700 oversized pieces. 

Once digitized these materials will be available on our museum website, as well as in house in our archives. They will be easier to search through, and get scans from.

Digitizing these documents are important for the preservation of the original material, while giving the public access to this vitally important material.

Two ways to donate

Donate in person

Visit the archives to give a donation to this project either by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Note: Donations $25.00 and over will get a tax receipt.

Donate online

Visit our GoFundMe Campaign to place your donation.